Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nasturtium Preserves

I had some inspiration today. Both kids asleep {at the same time?!} and a bounty of blooms along with a clean kitchen led to searching around the web for what I might do with a whole mess of nasturium blooms. I found nothing. So I made it up as I went and some lovely stuff came from a mind bent on nothing but a bunch of beautiful goodness in the quiet of an afternoon kitchen bathed in sunlight.

I started with fresh blooms and then added in some African Blue basil just for fun. Just sounded yummy.

Gave them a good long soak (and removed a whole lot of ants that I hadn't seen while picking). I have to admit I was afraid cooking these beauties would turn them brown and ruin them. Eh no matter, there were many more outside.
Here is what I came up with:

1 cup packed nasturtium flowers
2 cups water
2 T white balsamic vinegar
1 T basil flowers
1/4 cup maple syrup
Pamona's Pectin, following directions

The results are beautiful. There is a delicate hint of pepper which I could see on a delish pork loin. Hmmmn might need to try that. Oooh or over a nice soft triple cream brie. mmmmmmmm.



Very clever.
Your photographs are beautiful.
You might want to try it on a grilled pork loin with this difference: melt the jelly down and add port wine. Brush it on the meat just a few minutes before removing to avoid burning and to give a beautiful glisten to the pork. I look forward to a review.

Anonymous said...

Lovely idea! So great that you have time to do these things with little ones in the house :)

Marlyn said...

Oh my! If I could just get the nasturtiums to grow! Dang! My SF house had them taking over and my SoCal house won't tolerate them. Grrrr....

Oh, so anxious to see my gardens tomorrow -- especially after seeing yours below!

Anonymous said...

I just had my first nasturtium flower. They look so pretty in the garden. This recipe sounds great!
Beautiful pictures.

Erin said...

Maybelline I look forward to reporting back :)

Lvaletutto one of mine still naps every day, I fit an amazing amount into those moments LOL. (and just as often I do nothing)

Marlyn I'm surprised they won't grow there? I would think they'd love your yard!

Vrtlarica have fun with your new found flowers!

Thanks everyone for the compliments on the pics, I'm having fun with my new little camera!

Anonymous said...

Ahh naptime! My seven month old doesn't nap long enough for me to get any serious gardening done :( It has been hard for me to get out to the garden as much this year as I would like because of it. But I was able to bake a pie today :)Kudos to you on your lovely garden. Laura

Neo-Homesteading said...

These have got to be the most beautiful preserves ever! So very pretty. I'd never thought of planting flowers for eating. (not that I'd manage to keep them alive anyway)