Friday, June 18, 2010

Eat Nasturtium Seeds!?

When I was searching around the other day looking for ideas to preserve some nasturtium blooms I stumbled across some other intriguing ideas. Did you know during WWII nasturtium seeds were ground and used as a substitute for black pepper?

I'll be trying two recipes of the same thought:
Preserving nasturtium seeds to be used like capers.

I'll be doing the classic vinegar pickling method as per this recipe from *2* Survival Cooking and then lacto-fermenting some as per basic lacto-fermenting principals which is basically fermenting in a container filled with 2 Tablespoons of sea salt per quart of water and allowing to set until fermented. I found an interesting read with more details and somewhat humorous reading here at Reality Sandwich (funny the things we find while searching LOL).

I thought I'd post it before I've actually created anything because I tend to get annoyed when, months after something was in season, great things are brought up on blogs that I wish I had been able to try. The lacto-fermentation recipe takes months! So, in case anyone was wanting to try something new from a prolific (at our property anyway) source here you go! :)

And I really must add that finding and picking the seeds is a FANTASTIC game for a 4 year old!


Marlyn said...

Cool! I must try again to grow some!

I have cool, I have coastal. Why won't they grow here?

Mr. H. said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I am looking forward to experimenting with our nasturtium seeds this year. Excellent information.:)

growgardengrow said...

Oh bummer the link to the recipe does not work!!

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