Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When a Woman is Scorned... By A Chicken?

I have had *the* worst time lately with chickens in my garden. We have a fence. A 6' fence. But it is no barrier for this particular mother hen and her chicks. I transplanted some corn seedlings today and at every turn I took (snacks, potty breaks, naps, you name it for the kids) those DAMN chicks and hen were on my newly planted seedlings. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

I caught her. Ohhhh the satisfaction. See that grin of mine?
I pulled out her wing....
And I clipped it! YES! I clipped it! She will no longer be flying over the fence to devour (all) of my carrots and onions and half of my new corn. OVER IT! OVER IT I TELL YOU!
Now for the chicks. I had the husband pick up a length of aviary fencing to put a final barrier between the garden and the chickens who have chicks. Since we have 2 broody hens right now... oy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's Garden Loot

There are many more peas out there but distractions ran high today so this is all I gathered!

Where is that little house, anyway?

I've been stepping back a bit lately and instead of rushing to do more I've been working on appreciating all we've done here. I find myself overwhelmed at times and right now is one of those times. I find looking back and admiring our hard work lifts my spirits and fortifies my soul.

When we chose this spot to build there was nothing. Nothing. Well that is wrong, there was an old shooting target spot (which is in our front yard now and is purposely not planted with any edibles). But there was otherwise nothing but a big fat hole in the ground which we suppose someone thought might make a good septic someday? Unknowable. We filled the hole in and improved the soil and planted little things here and there and cared for them and.... well now we have a beautiful jungle of happiness. Where there were no frogs or birds there are an abundance. We began this journey in 2004! Wow.
Look at our bamboo! It is ready to close the one little gap that shows a teeny view of our house.
Our front gate:

I am so enjoying this today. Enjoying and appreciating all our hard work. Our daily work.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Morning!

What a sleepy little blog this has been of late. I've been in the garden a bit and taking photos but not finding the time to post I guess.

This morning as I prepared breakfast I stopped to appreciate the clean and pretty (and home grown) ingredients in the bright light of my kitchen window. There is something so magical about strapping my babe to my back, donning my boots, and trudging out into the cool morning mist of a new day to gather ingredients for a meal for my boys. I feel such gratitude and abundance and.... love. So corny, I know, but hey happiness is as happiness does, regardless if it's corny or not.
I hope to be back and do some garden updating in the next few days. I know if I don't I will be kicking myself next year at this time when I go to look through old posts.