Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dinner From the Garden

Yesterday afternoon I happened to look over at the potatoes to see that a few of them were popping up out of the soil, begging to be harvested. My older son and I happily obliged, making yesterday the first potato harvest of the season. He was so proud of this big pink one he had a hard time setting it down.
We tossed them in olive oil with some sea salt and chopped rosemary from the garden and roasted them in a trusty cast iron in the oven.

Then I tossed in some baby amaranth greens (yay for abundant amaranth volunteers! Now that we eat their leaves I'm never bummed to see them spout up!)

Then my son had the great idea to add in the steamed broccoli and peas to make a big bowl of garden goodness. It was fantastic and he ate a ton of it.
Ahhhh Summertime. Bon Appetit!



What sweet little hands. He's a natural garden chef.

Lindsay said...

That looks soo good!

Marlyn said...

Awesome! Yum Yum! Jealous again! I don't think my amaranth sprouted -- boo hoo! Or sprouted and got hijacked!