Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flowers Inside, A New Summer Sunday Habit

I was just reading through some of my favorite garden blogs and saw this post by Kendra of A Sonoma Garden encouraging a Sunday flowers habit and thought it was a really splendid idea so I am joining in.

This first post is on a Tuesday, but these are all flowers we picked over the weekend. We don't have a dinner table, our house is too small for that. We eat at our kitchen counter/bar and it's in the process of being decluttered (specifically at the stage where it is worse before it gets better haha) so no view of that one ;)

Elephant garlic flower buds and sweet peas in my kitchen window (and a pair of smiling eyes peering through)

Parsnip greens and flower buds at my new custom computer table (thanks to my husband!)

Hot Lips salvia in the shower window
This one was picked and placed by my son: 2 simple yellow Yarrow blooms by the bathroom sink (& I just noticed some cerinthe seeds which must have dropped off from last week's boquet on the sink!)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers! I like how you have them all over the house. I might have to do that now that the flowers are in full bloom all over the yard.
p.s. got your message about the spray, and I'll write back when my head sprayer gets home from work.

Marlyn said...

I love this! And surprise, surprise, we do something similar! Usually it's Saturday for some reason! When I don't have flowers, I pick green things and put them in little vases too!

Shauna said...

Reading all this stuff is encouraging me to bring more flowers IN!! I have a hard time deciding whether to leave them for enjoyment outdoors, or to bring them in for lovely smells or just pretty sights. Most of the time leaving them on the plant wins....