Friday, June 18, 2010

In The Tomato Patch

::Borage flowers sharing space with the tomatoes::

The tomatoes are growing right along. I didn't end up getting every single one trellised or caged and I'm seeing where I will need to dedicate some time to getting a bit more of that done while I still can (kind of) this weekend. The plants in proper cages are already showing how they will be easier to harvest from, come harvest time that is. Their size, compared to what they looked like just 15 days ago, really demonstrates what amazing things come from warm sunny days which were so late to arrive here!
Even the remote thought of tomato harvest time sent me searching around hoping to find a little baby tomato. Nope, none here yet. There are lots of flowers popping up though! I wish I could say what type of tomato plant these pretty little fuzzies came from but I'm afraid where I was terrific at marking which seedlings were which, come planting time everything became a bit confused. I wish I could blame it on my 4 year old, but he was better than I with taking the name marker out and putting it next to the seedling. Had I written them down then I'd have at least a third of an idea! Once the tomatoes start to fill out I'll know. I hope.

Inter planted with most of the tomatoes went basil. I had forgotten about them until yesterday afternoon when my son asked, with his fingers wrapped around the base of the plant ready to yank, what kind of weed smells like pizza. Now he knows all about basil.
Look how cute this Sweet Genovese is tucked under the wing of a tomato. What happy bedfellows.

::Sweet Genovese::

::Red Rubin::

::Thai Siam Queen::

::Greek Mini Yevani::

While we were out there we transplanted the last few little straggler basil seedlings. Their roots were so healthy and pretty and nice and long so they'll be instantly able to tap into the slow, deep water of the drip lines. None of the basil plants have their own dripper, they're all just thriving from the deep watering the tomatoes get every few days.



I'm in awe. You do a tremendous amount of work with or without babies. Herbs really should be planted with abandon here in California. The garden smells so great. Your little gardener is a smart one he is.

Marlyn said...

Looks great Erin! I don't know which tomatoes went where either -- some have markers, most don't.

I have pics to update my blog later today. Some of my plants are 6' tall! And the last strings I ran are maybe 2' -- I've got some work with the twine to do. We have lots of baby tomatoes -- I'm so excited. But weather is STILL mild. Waiting for the heat!

Rainsong said...

You have no idea how encouraging your words are to me up in chilly Washington State. My poor tomatoes, they are getting stout and if I look carefully I can find a blossom or two, but really, June 17 and the high temp is 59??? But hey! My peas look beautiful.

I want weeds that smell like Pizza.