Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Full Disclosure

Just to be fair, and in the spirit of mommyhood, I bring you my kitchen right now.

I'm doing so much cool stuff in it right now and I can't wait to post about it but with two youngins I have to find time to:
1. figure out how to do stuff
2. plan stuff
3. do stuff
4. clean up after I do stuff

And I tell ya, #4 isn't a natural for me ;)


Sherri said...

I love your list! I especially love when you figure out how to do stuff and inspire me to do the same! And yeah....#4 is my worst. I always joke that if I had someone to clean up after me in the kitchen I'd do a LOT more in the kitchen than I do now! ;-)


When your babies are older, I have a sneaky trick that will get them to beg to help clean the kitchen floor.

Shauna said...

Maybelline you gotta share it now so we can log it away for future use! lol

My Ugly Garden said...

Love your list! As I gaze upon my own chaotic kitchen, I realize that #4 also eludes me on a regular basis. Lovely blog, I look forward to visiting often.