Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello? Hello!

I was just going through some photos and realized I have gobs of pic I just never posted. What can I say, time is limited. The garden is going off, there is camping and mothering and mothering and mothering and ..... life! haha! We've been busy here at the compound.

Overall the garden is getting a slow start. It really wasn't until today, after a few real days of heat, that I could see things really are getting along just fine. Color is filling out, weeds are a spoutin' all over the dang place. I should always realize if the weeds aren't growing great then it really is the weather!

The newest planting of corn (with one more batch to go!) is in and getting situated. You can see the roll of cover crop I decided to compost instead of till there in the center of the photo, the chamomile just beyond and the raised beds (which mostly contain things going to seed so I can save them)
A closer view of the corn and beds

See this corn? Knee high by the fourth of July! Heck ya! By the fourth of June in fact!

Other things happening as my babe and I walked around tonight:
The chickens beginning to roost:

The tomatoes thriving:
Seedlings miraculously thriving despite my lack of attention:

First sweat pea! I plant these always right before Christmas time for Mother's day blossoms. Weeks behind this year. Interesting. Perhaps this year I will have to plant at Thanksgiving.

My curly toe-headed baby dining on salvia nectar
Till next time!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your garden looks fantastic! And I love those little baby curls, my youngest had those too. Now it's completely straight :(

My sweet peas just bloomed too and I planted them I think in March. The only year that I've been really successful with them, where I was overloaded with blooms was when I planted them in fall. But I always keep forgetting to plant then. There is always this year!

Be well!

Marlyn said...

I had nice sweet peas last year - late blooms though. This year? Who knows! Everything went in so late coupled with the rain and cold...

I'm so jealous of your figs! Last I checked, none on my tree. Your toms look gorgeous! I have strung mine all up flat! I can't do another jungle year! We have so much less space and so many plants. hee hee

I wonder how my garden looks -- I'm so far away from it...