Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wet & Windy = The Chickens are Hiding

We don't get many good storms here. Perhaps one a year? This is a fantastic set of SIX! storms, one following another, which are hitting us right now. For about 10 minutes last night I seriously thought our house would pick up and land somewhere else. I'm happy that part of the storm passed quickly because I'm not sure our jungle outside (or the big oak tree which we built our deck around!) could have taken much more. We even got a big bunch of frozen rain. I've been schooled to not refer to what we tend to get as HAIL by my dad and brother who have each learned much about weather while earning their pilot licences. So... frozen rain ;)


Shauna said...

holy S I had no idea your coop was that big??? Not sure what I was thinking it looked like but that surprised me!! lol

Glad you all are surviving it!

Erin said...

Well it has to house 20-some-odd chickens and roosters at night, they take up some room :)

Surviving yes, how well? that is the question ;)