Saturday, January 30, 2010

Clementines Canned with a little Thyme

And so it began. I spent a day (here and there, you know what I mean) with clementines. This week we were fortunate to come by some very inexpensive and exquisite home grown organic Clementines through a friend of a friend. I happened upon a post from one of the foodie blogs I've been enjoying and I'm pretty sure it was the mention of Chinese Chicken Salad that sold me on canning some of our Clementine loot. The entire workings of the day were so pretty I couldn't help but take photos.
I peeled quite a few, enough to have good pile of segments and a good pile of peels (which I will turn into marmalade soon enough).
I had this idea to try different herbs with the Clementines. I did some with whole allspice, some with whole cloves, and a few with fresh thyme from the garden.

I did a taste test tonight of the clove and thyme containers and I found it interesting that all the women liked the thyme and the men (and kids) preferred the clove. I may have to attempt to procure some more of these to do some more experimenting. I love the idea of fresh ginger (especially for a Chinese Chicken Salad!) and I'd like to try some bay and star anise as well. Fun in the kitchen, beauty in the canning pantry. Another great day.



Ruralrose said...

Very clever - I don't buy much imported fruit but I do buy organic bananas and clementines this time of year - they are my favorite! Peace

Sherri said...

So cool!

Julia said...

This recipe from Food In Jars was so inspiring, and I intend to get to it soon! I love the idea of adding spices and herbs. That thyme looks gorgeous. And organic clementines from a friend?? What a bonus!

Molly said...

Yum, Erin! They look delish!