Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last August I posted about our first surviving hen raised chick. If you click here you will see I referred to the chicken as a her, look at the bottom photo. Which I find amusing. She turned out to be a He, as does tend to happen with chicks in my experience since so many are so late to mature.
I ran out to the car during a break in our set of storms to grab my camera and happened to see Roo on the front garden gate. He looked so regal I snapped a quick photo and enjoyed how clever he is to have escaped the fencing once again. Just then I noticed what was happening behind him: Do you see it?????? That first covered bed (which was full of seedlings) was full of chickens. My temporary closepin closures on the shade cloth are not sufficient, especially in these winds. Back to the drawing board. Back to the seed bin. Good thing I'm a seed hoarder.


softearthart said...

Hi, From New Zealand, We had some chickens hatched a while ago, check out their photo, your home sounds cool, cheers Marie

Ruralrose said...

After all that preparation - chickens are diligent you have to give them that - love your chicken stories, your writing is quite compelling - peace

Sherri said...

Bummer on the cover. Maybe after the winds die down?

Erin said...

Thank you Ruralrose :)

Sherri our summers tend to be really windy so I need to remaster the whole thing. I have some ideas though! :)