Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bring It RAIN, I have boots!

So I'm standing on top of our "ranch truck" (phrase used loosely) which is full of old fencing due for a good recycling run and it just looks well... kinda pretty. I think I may have a bit of a crush on my new rain boots....??
Onwards and Upwards please! :) These are some of the views I had while perched precariously on the top of the wet "ranch truck"'s cab. Our garden. And chicken scene. And (native) lawn. This is really a big sneak peek of my new bird protection, so please do notice the two beds which are PROTECTED!!!! Protected I tell you. Huge! No chickens, no birds.... and it has been a solid WEEK!! Yahooooooooo! 4 main beds to go, one asparagus bed, 2 strawberries, 1 golden raspberry bed and anything new we decide to do. Oh hummmm.

See this little pea shoot? Oh, before this would have been fodder for the birds. Not now!

As I was tromping around I found this container of Naked Ladies which are sorely needing some attention. We were given these a few months ago and I completely forgot about them! ugh!

What a fun afternoon I had sans children for a few stolen minutes.
Now all I need to do is brace for the coming week of RAIN: up to 8" of rain to be precise. We are due for one storm after another! Kind of exciting, kind of.... ummmm........ mind boggling when I think of being inside for several days with my busy kids. Yikes!


Mr. H. said...

Nice boots! How great to have bird free beds. Every time I think I finally have our garden fenced in good enough to keep the chickens out one finds it's way in.

Erin said...

Our chickens are quite the little tricksters too! I'll have to perfect the bird covers before I post about how great they are because one of them blew off in the storm and some migratory birds got about half my pea shoots! BIRDS!!!!!