Monday, January 11, 2010

Lemon Grass

Have you ever had fresh lemon grass before? There are so many uses for it, and here in our yard it does get several good solid frosts and keeps growing. In our climate lemongrass is downright easy.
I dug up the lemongrass today to divide and harvest which is something I must do every year for it to be vibrant and vigorous. I keep some for soups and teas and salad dressing and other dishes (especially good in curry). The remainder are replanted and I'm happy to report this year I had plenty to give away~! Lemongrass is one of those amazing plants which grows all by itself given the proper amount of water. I've moved it from place to place in my front yard, sometimes without an ounce of nutrient in the soil, and it just keeps growing. The tops tend to die back in the winter frosts but besides looking scraggly the plant doesn't seem to mind.

My 7 month old doesn't eat much of anything yet but he sure did enjoy a lemongrass teether today. It kept him busy (and dirt from his mouth) for an hour! Nice.


Mr. H. said...

Having never heard of lemon grass before I just looked it up and it would appear that I can indeed grow it from seed in my zone. Perhaps it would do well in a pot so I could extend the season a bit. Your link shows many interesting uses for it, I might have to try growing some myself.

Your little one is absolutely adorable and seems quite fond of lemon grass shoots.:)

Erin said...

Thank you :)