Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Break in the Weather & Findings

It was so very lovely to wake up this morning to the live oaks lit up by a few rays of light. This morning was a morning for poking around and seeing how everything outside is holding up and perhaps planting the last of the cover crop seed left over from last year.
And for finding where the chickens have been laying their eggs....
No wonder we went from seven eggs down to one per day!

If you have chickens who haven't been producing much for you, look in tall grass ;) You may be surprised!


Ruralrose said...

The first stray nest I found had 75 eggs in it. I had no idea if the eggs were good or not. Whenever an egg gets wet it destroys a natural sanitary wrap on the egg called the bloom. This is why people should wash eggs. When I find a stray nest I half fill my pot with cold water and add the eggs one at a time. If it floats I compost it without breaking it. With the good eggs in the pot I add a glug of vinegar and bring it to a boil then drain. The shell comes off easily from older eggs than newer. Great picture there, it must be very warm to be down on your belly already. Peace for all

Erin said...

75 eggs! WOW! That is quite a clutch!

I actually do not wash my eggs to keep the bloom. I'm thinking that is what you meant? I know everyone has an opinion on that one, it was really interesting to read through gazillions of posts on an organic chicken yahoo group I joined when we were first starting out.

I did the water test with these eggs right after I took the photo and they were all good! I ended up making egg salad out of them the next day :) They were still fresh enough to not peel easily haha.

I've been getting 6-8 eggs a day again, but IN THE NESTING BOXES NOW. Nice! I think they changed it up for a bit because we fixed some fencing and made a few changes around their coop.