Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh this weather!

We are having a stellar week of spring-like temperatures and clear skies so we spent the last several days outside just soaking it up! while we can. I have some exciting changes in the garden to post about in the next few days (read: severe bird damage again... time for some covered beds!). The coming year is shaping up to be the best yet. I have all my seed orders in and I've even receieved the first batch! This year I'm growing seeds only from Baker Creek and Seed Savers Exchange. LOVE this time of year for garden planning. We've also been eating so much good food preserved from the summer months. I'm looking forward to growing our horizons and am even thinking of trying for a buy-nothing summer of food. We'll see!! For now I'll enjoy some baby toes in the lush green native lawn. Ahhhh winter on the central coast of California!


Sherri said...

So jealous!!! And I feel so behind reading your post...still need to plan the garden let alone order seeds. Then again, I'm sure your planting season starts earlier than ours!

Are you avoiding GMOs and Monsanto seeds when ordering?

Erin said...

Yes, both of those companies sell heritage seeds and the corn I've received from Baker Creek has even been tested to be sure it is clean!

We're so fortunate here because we really have a nearly year-round garden year. Things just slow way down (even lettuces) when it's super cold and rainy. I don't have enough frost covers or I'd try for stuff. BUT that's all changing this year :)