Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our garden today

I think I may be partial to this shot because I, on a whim one day, built this gate! I had been wanting a new gate forever, and the night before Colven and I built it together (it took allllllll day to do with a 2 year old in tow, but he had so much fun!) I had this terrible dream that the flimsy metal gate that came before this one had allowed deer into our garden. Woke up with a mission, kwim?

Our berry zone. The Nanaberries on the left are tapering out for the season, the two strawberry beds on the right are SO DIFFERENT from each other. The farthest bed is comprised of 3 year old mothers and I can't for the life of me remember what they are called. Which is unfortunate because they are extremely bountiful and beautiful berries. This year I will be taking out the mothers and transplanting the babies into the bed. The closest bed is Seascape, planted fresh this year. Not a single blossom on them so far.

Here we have the bulk of the "planned" (read: the ones I planted, the rest are volunteers) recalcitrant tomatoes which I SWORE I would be better at pruning this year... as you can see I failed. yet. again. Ginormous plants.
Here are my beans! My glorious beans! There are even a few baby beans on there. I'm thinking I must have planted them late, since I read other garden blogs when I get a chance and see that others have been harvesting for weeks if not months?! The cucumbers are really taking off, as is the tomatillo there on the far edge. The lettuce in the center of this bed is going nuts right now... I'm amazed at how quickly the lettuce grows and is eaten lately. Colven LOVES salad, so we eat it often and I'm so glad to be able to have various lettuce beds to harvest from. I'm realizing I need to explore different lettuce types.

Baby figs! We planted this little tree when it was barely a 6" stick.
That was almost 4 years ago now... and look at these lil' figs!

OK I hardly ever buy soil anymore... especially bagged soil (for all those reasons we all know) but I did buy a bag several months ago of Foxfarm Organic Potting soil for a Mumi apricot tree that (still) was never planted and is still in it's original 5 gallon pot. Horrible parenting. Anyway, this bag of soil was opened and explored by our toddler... and I couldn't help but find this little California Poppy sprouted inside today! Sweet baby!!

Remember our little pumpkin sprout? HERE HE IS!
He is growing into quite the vigorous giant. Cyrus has been religiously dosing him with all kinds of organic teas and fertilizers. This is a champion seed!
In the background there you can see my futile attempt to hide our greenhouse with sunflowers and cosmos.

A baby pumpkin, most likely just fertilized.
See how the flower is closed?

The absolutely glorious underside of one of the giant pumpkin leaves.
Colven and I put a blanket down this evening and just relaxed there looking at the light through the leaves. It was a simple and majestic moment. And a very very still one.


Marlyn said...

I love your garden pics! I just put some pics of our tomatoes and beans up on my blog. I need to go check my fig tree! We have been harvesting green beans for about a week but so far have only had a handful of ripe tomatoes, all grapes. The plants are loaded with fruit but it is slow to ripen. Cucumbers are coming in nicely. I think our pumpkin will make Christmas pies!

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks beautiful! Look at the bounty. Gorgeous!