Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Colven is 2

Yesterday was Colven's birthday.
I decided to make a day of doing (almost) all of his favorite things. We woke up early and went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where Colven spent most of his time at the big outer bay tank. He was enthralled with the hammer-head sharks, he would point and say OH WOW SHARK!! SHARK! OOOOH LOOK! to everyone around him :)

We also visited the touch pools, where Colven learned a new appreciation for how cool starfish are. It has been a few months since we have been to a touch pool and I was completely amazed at what a different experience it was for him, just being a little bit older. He listened to the volunteer talk about them and show the undersides.
After the aquarium we went to the beach, but Colven fell asleep before we got there, so I parked and read a magazine (divine!) and reflected on the day two years ago when he was born.

We met Colven's grandparents Pops and Taia at the pool. Taia made a huge platter of cupcakes to share, and Colven thoroughly enjoyed his in the hot tub!

We went to an organic farm stand and had lunch inside the tipi in the children's garden

There are lots of places to run

and hide there!

Then we finished off the day with PIZZA and a driving video game!


Sherri said...

Looks like you had such an awesome day! Very fun!

Sakura said...

How did you do all this in one day?! You are an amazing super mom!