Thursday, April 1, 2010


What an exciting time in my California garden right now. I love looking around at all my little seeds to see who has popped up. This afternoon I went around and found some new ones.

Corn! Yay! I was afraid that the cold storm we had which dumped over an inch of hail yesterday was going to prevent my corn from germinating at the last moment. What a relief to see some cheery little heads popping up today.
Scarlet Runner Bean




I see in the previous post that I won some seeds! I'm unable to use your email link and hope this is the proper forum. This year I have over planted and have a bounty of tomato plants. Could you please share my winnings with someone that would enjoy them?

Erin said...

Yes! I know just the person! Can't wait to see your posts on your tomato harvests :)