Saturday, April 17, 2010

In the garden right now: Bed 2 of 6

Freshly weeded and thinned and mulched! The idea of doing a post for each bed is really fantastic motivation! Love it. In this bed on the left is an heirloom lettuce mix that I can't find the name of, interplanted with broccoli. The lettuce is already becoming a tad bit bitter (which I like), even under the shade cloth. I've been cutting them to about an inch above ground and the leaves grow back in! They were terrific while it was so cold and rainy. There would have been a few more broccoli plants in there had the chickens not ransacked the freshly seeded bed back in late January. On the right side there is really beautiful Purple & White Vienna Blend kohlrabi. I tried planting kohlrabi last year with really poor results but decided to give them another try. I interplanted with Bordeaux spinach which is really tender and beautiful. It was a first for us of this type and it has become my new favorite green, I find myself fishing around for it in salads.

Bordeaux Spinach Leaf

Kohlrabi beginning to bulb out

Heirloom Lettuce

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Marlyn said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I just realized that I put my kohlrabi (purposefully, because it is the shadiest place) in a bed that is so rock filled the bulbs will never have a chance! Dang. I dug tons of rocks out of there when I prepared the bed but the fact is we live on a rock, a rock that is always splitting and cleaving into thousands of littler rocks.

That spinach looks wonderful! I planted a heat tolerant one up on the deck -- I'll let you know how that goes!