Thursday, April 15, 2010

In our garden right now: Bed 1 of 6

I decided to spotlight one bed per post in the next week or so. I need the motivation to get them filled in and dressed up ;)

This first bed is packed with goodness. Tatsoi, peas, mache, broccoli, carrots, and radish.

The mache greens are new to us and FABULOUS. They are hands down my husband's favorite right now.
They make a nice dense mat of leaves so they stay fairly clean and are really easy and quick to cut and prepare for harvest. If I only have a split second to gather greens I find myself going to these first because they really won't even require much of a rinse and we eat them whole so no cutting or tearing is involved.

This photo is not a great representation, but upon a concentrated look you can see the mache gets regular haircuts.

The peas have just started to bloom. My 3.5 year old is on a daily patrol waiting for le first pea pod to arrive.
I just checked my calendar and see this entire bed was planted January 8th. That seems forever ago.

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Marlyn said...

That bed is gorgeous!!!! I am jealous -- I planted my mache, broccoli, peas, greens, etc LAST WEEK! Boo hoo! I'm so late!