Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We harvested the first strawberries and first peas from the garden yesterday!

Upon checking how things were looking last year I see both are several weeks behind this year than they were last! And last year at this time I was complaining about a heat wave. It's raining today :)


Marlyn said...

Woo hoo!

I was checking out my garden pics from last year too. I got sad! Mine is way behind!


Strange. My garden is one week ahead.

What pests are bothering your strawberries and what are you using to prevent these devils? I'm battling birds, pill bugs, & ear wigs.

Erin said...

Maybelline my biggest challenge for my strawberries are the birds! I cover them, as I must with everything else, with shade cloth. I have a goal of making a frame for it this weekend so the cloth isn't right on the plants! I'll post some photos when I'm all done.

Pill/sow/rolly polly bugs are seldom the actual problem for strawberries. It's the slugs and snails who come in and make the first assault and then the other critters move in to clean up! Have you tried heading out at night or early morning to see who is out there? That's what I have to do periodically and it's always the slugs and snails!

I have a great trick for ear wigs, I'll do a post to explain how it works within the next few days :)