Friday, April 2, 2010

Cauliflower Greens are Edible Too

We've cooked cauliflower greens before but I found them a bit... eh just OK. I wanted more than OK from these blue-green beauties that I harvested as I pulled the last of the cauliflower from the garden. I went searching for ideas and found a few here, here, & here

I really enjoyed reading different cultural uses and views of the leaves and it led me to come up with my own spin on things which turned out pretty dang good! Now I wish I had more leaves!
Here is the spread I came up with using stuff I just had on hand, feel free to spin it and suit your own fancy. Had my can opener not broken into pieces I would have added some coconut milk instead of water and coconut oil but I think the lightness of the water is better.
6T coconut flour
1/4t cinnamon
1/4t nutmeg
1.5t turmeric
1/4t yellow mustard
1t curry powder
6T yogurt
1T coconut oil
1T minced garlic (or pressed would be good too)
splashes of water to make it spreadable (takes several tablespoons)
Spread onto cauliflower leaves that have had the spine cut out.I spread mine on one side of the cut leaf, then flopped the clean side onto it and spread on the top of that one too. Then rolled it up starting at the blunt end.
Steam for a few. The cauliflower should look pretty like this, not a drab over-cooked green color.
Allow to set for a few minutes and then either pick up like a burrito or cut into slices. Although slices work better if they are chilled fyi.
I think the possibilites are endless here. Ground or shredded meat if you are so inclined, hot pepper flakes (I left out for our kiddo), various preserves.... And a boon is that leftovers are great sliced and fried in the cast iron with some fat of choice. I used butter.


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Lindsay said...

Can you bake them in to chips, like Kale chips?


Shoot that looks great!

Erin said...

Lindsay I've never tried it but it's a great idea.

Ruralrose said...

Great inspiration in this recipe - i see what you are getting at here, can't wait to try it myself - peace