Friday, April 16, 2010

A Broody Hen Makes Good, Again.

Our Golden Laced Wyandotte hen just hatched her first chicks of the season! I had written on my calendar they were due to pop yesterday so I went to check on her as I hadn't seen her yet for her daily puffy/noisy 4 minute jaunt for food and water. We had ourselves a pretty nice rhythm going. I decided to remove the eggs she had laid herself for fear they wouldn't be fertile as she is a wanderer and replaced them with some good stock of blue egg layers my sister-in-law gave me and we knew to be fertile. I put 6 beautiful blue eggs in her nest 22 days ago so I'll be curious to see how many chicks she ended up with. We have a brooding house set up for her and her chicks to keep them safe, moving her should be interesting.... I'd leave her be but we have skunks and opossum and fox and mountain lion and coyote, all for which she and her babes would make a tasty treat.

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Marlyn said...

Good luck to her and the chicks!