Sunday, September 21, 2008

WTF was I thinking, I mean CHIVE SOUP!

It was time to move the chives out of one of the raised beds. The patch started as few and had grown into many. They had started to crowd each other, they had started to crowd the bed. I pulled all of them. I gave some to my sisterIL, my mom, a friend and still... there were chives. I started to think. What shall I do with all of these as to not waste all of this late summer goodness?
Make soup!

So then how does one turn this into soup?

First I cleaned them up and picked out all the dry stuff (and the bugs!)

Roasted a bell pepper on the stove while I worked

Meanwhile I melted 2T of butter in a large stockpot, sauteed one yellow onion and 2T of curry powder and 3 cloves of garlic. Added VERY well chopped chives, about 5 cups of them (but I have to say less could very possibly be more here!), threw 8 cups of chicken stock on top of that and tossed in the skinned roasted pepper. Covered the whole pot, brought it all to a boil, then turned the heat off to let it cool with the top off.

In my mind I had a creamy soup in the works, so I blended it in stages until it was smooth. Which took some time. Which is why I say definitely cut the chives small. Or else they will get caught around the blades and toss your lovely soup makings all over your clean counter. And walls. Oh yes, and floor too. Of course. Bleh.

The results were less than desirable. Grassy, bitter, lacking of luster. So, as I was thinking WTF was I thinking anyway? I decided to fix it up. I added 1/4 cup of honey, 2t of cinnamon, 1/2t of clove, and a bit more yellow curry for good measure, the juice of one lemon. At the end I blended in a pint of cream. (What doesn't cream fix, anyway?)

The results? DIVINE!
You know how chives have that little deceptive burn to them?
This soup is all about that. Not so much that my 2 year old won't eat it, but enough to keep the grown ups entertained.
I must add, that after a night's meal I can tell you that this was a true HIT with my boy. He ate his entire bowl! SWEET!

If I were to do it over again I would water bath the chives after cooking a bit to retain their color better. Just aesthetics though :)

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Tamra said...

OMG I wish I had your patience!