Monday, September 1, 2008

This long, hot, dry road

Ah California! The land of many uses.

Our little family along with my brother's little family decided to head out to some hot springs over this long weekend.

When you travel a road such as this where you don't see much for miles and miles, if you see a bar advertising cold beer --
you stop ;)

Why is it these little places are always so quirky? We pulled up to forty or so of the shiniest Harleys I have ever seen. I couldn't find the camera in time to snap a proper photo of them leaving en mass, so this is the only image I have of the fascination of both fathers and children.

And, of course, these types of places always have at least one dead stuffed carcass of some kind on display.Our destination!

Once night fell the lantern came out. Savannah and Colven began to discover all kinds of different bugs than we have at home.

What a beautiful weekend we had.
Family, hot springs, pool, beauty all around us.


Sakura said...

Nice pics! -hee hee. Haven't done ours yet. Tired and no hoo. :( I am really glad you guys came, it would't have been as much fun without you guys! Also thanks for listening out for the sleeping babes..we had a nice time with all the fam!

Next time maybe no kids eh? -haha, hee hee! NO, I AM SERIOUS!

Marlyn said...

Ah, the roads through the Central Valley. They have long fascinated me. I love to see that they also leave an impression on you, very similar to that they leave on me. I always want to stop at one of those "road houses" but seems we're always in a hurray. Maybe something to do during my hiatus...

The springs look great. I wanna go!