Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Tomato Canning Project: Salsa

I should begin with a disclaimer: I have never done this before and I won't know for months if what I did will be any good :) Fun stuff, huh? ha!

So, I did look at a few salsa recipes and then kind of made up my own deal since I'm really not one for following anything to a T, or closely at all really! I like to think of it as creative, not as a refusal to comply of course! I threw all my fire roasted tomatoes into a pot and boiled them down. I had to add a teeny bit of water for this. Then I tossed in a handfull of roughly chopped cilantro and 2 roughly chopped giant garlic cloves, and a bit of fresh cut corn. Boiled it all for about 10 minutes and then filled the canning jars and did a water bath for about 20 minutes. Took them out, every single one of those bad boys sealed.

I ended up using the majority of the fire roasted tomatillos as well. I did almost the identical thing to them, except I did have to process them in the blender because their texture is a bit more tough and less likely to break down without a good twirl. I did add some apple cider vinegar to this batch to up the acidity, I'd say I added about half a cup between the 5 jars. Who knows if that will be enough.

So all in all I have 3 jars of salsa, and 5 jars of salsa/enchilada sauce. As the tomatoes ripen I have more plans for them. Next up is katsup! Hoping to find a slew of newly ripened beauties out there tomorrow.


Marlyn said...

Sounds good to me! And look how gorgeous! How did you do the fire roasting?

I have two colanders of ripe toms with split skins sitting in the sink waiting to be canned. I think I'll just do some more plain crushed tomatoes for now -- I have lots of zukes and an eggplant that need to be eaten so I'm thinking that whatever doesn't fill that "last jar" will be the makings of some ratatouille. I'm thinking I'll can that too.

Erin said...

I fire roasted them on the bbq.

Marlyn your plan sounds delicious!

Marlyn said...

OMG, it was SO good. I also had a big bunch of kale that I chopped and threw in and Gregg grabbed some peppers from the garden and some herbs. He, who hates kale and eggplants and is not really a fan of zucchini, LOVED it! We grated some parm and put it on top and I made polenta (AKA corn meal mush) with just some whole milk, parm, rosemary, and butter. And lamb chops. Yummy dinner.

I saw that you did the fire roasting on the BBQ -- how long? I'm going to do it tomorrow or Sunday. I'm thinking of a salsa with the roasted tomatoes, some roasted peppers, cilantro, and garlic. Thanks for the inspiration! I canned three quarts of large diced tomatoes today and am now up to 50 quarts total and I still have 50 tomatoes sitting on my window sill/in a colander. I need 100 quarts to "winter over" but I want to try fun things like salsa too!