Sunday, September 7, 2008

New earmuffs for working hard with Dad

We just had an enormous amount of free wood delivered by a local tree service. I'm pretty sure we won't be buying any wood this year!
Cyrus celebrated by going out and buying a new fancy chainsaw. Colven said it was too loud for his ears so both Cyrus and Colven got new earmuffs to go along with the new tool. Colven is quite fond of singing while wearing them, and has already insisted on wearing them into the store...


Marlyn said...

I love it! I also love how they are orange!
With the green shirt and purple bottoms -- against the all tan background! Great unplanned photo composition! hmmmmm.... or did you pose??? hahaha

Erin said...

LOL nope no posing! Although I did know that I wanted to take a photo for the blog so I made a special trip in to get some trainers to avoid a baby penis shot haha :)