Monday, September 15, 2008

Corn, glorious corn!

I did it!
I finally did it! I grew AWESOME corn this year!
It's a first really terrific harvest for me. I've only struggled with it in years past so I was ready to give up and I'm SO GLAD that I didn't. I read that my friend Angie had made some corn chowder for dinner last night and reading that led me to wondering if our corn was ready yet.... and it is perfect. I made the most glorious garden chowder tonight for dinner. Anyone who has tried and failed at growing this hungry crop will most likely especially appreciate my delight. YAY!


Marlyn said...

Congrats!!! Those ears look glorious! And the chowder totally yummy!

Alex loves the fish. She's kissing them.

Tamra said...

YUM! Can you send me that recipe?

Molly said...

Oh my yummyness Erin. wow.

Erin said...

THANKS!! I am stoked! haha