Friday, August 15, 2008

The County Fair

I haven't had so much fun at the fair (and I haven't missed a single year in a looong time) for a long time! When I watch Colven and his cousin, Savannah, having so much fun together I can't help but reminisce about when my brother and I were little at the fair together. And now our little ones are viewing the whole shebang just like we used to. I'll have to do an entire fair post, but this image from tonight is so fitting because while it is all fresh in my mind this photo, not unlike the fair, is a big blur of fun and rides and animals and lights and...

What a fabulous Friday night!

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Sakura said...

This is so sweet. I had to put one of these pics in mine too...because it was so heart warming. Our kids are so bleeping lucky! Look at all the fabulous things they get to do and have in their lives together.