Monday, August 25, 2008

The chicken coop, in progress.

Cyrus worked the bulk of the day on Saturday on our chicken coop for our family of chickens. Cyrus just doesn't build things.... he BUILDS things. He is so creative and so good at building that he makes the entire process seem easy. (it isn't, I've tried!) We were going to try and use all reclaimed lumber, but in the end Cyrus couldn't bear to slice up some of the bigger pieces to make little studs, so we did buy some mini-studs. All of the cedar and redwood, however, are reclaimed deomolition lumber from various job sites, as are the greenhouse windows.
These are the future nesting boxes:

My contribution


Marlyn said...

It seems HUGE! How many chickens again? We are totally copy catting!

The sunflowers are gorgeous!

Sakura said...

Hey good job! We are not that close to being done..and no pics yet since I haven't had time to post.