Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Confession: We have a lawn.

And I can braid it.

I read so often about the naughty lawn,
as in the environmental wasteland of a typical lawn.
The water waste, the chemical mayhem.
We chose ours well, it isn't your everyday grass patch.
Our grass is native to our area. We obtained the seed from a local ecological restoration company and established it with winter rain. Our lawn is long enough to lay over and provide it's own cover and mulch. It is beautiful!
Now that it is well established, it needs to be mowed
maybe two or three times a year.
It won't die if it completely dries out. It just goes dormant and springs
back to life when it gets watered again.
Our lawn lives next to our organic garden, where we grow food in every season. Colven and I go out and lay on it and check out all the life in the lawn. It's an amazing wealth of insects and worms. We also lay on it just to take in the clouds, or talk about funny silly things, or tickle. I can picture us out there in just a few short years musing about the meaning of life and all that it holds.
I love our lawn.


Marlyn said...

That's the kind of lawn I could get behind! We have one area of our back yard that I want to level and plant with something like you have.

Tamra said...

ohhh that grass reminds me of laying in fields in Vermont growing up............ and our yard which didn't get mowed very often HA HA! Very nice. We live in a neighborhood with actual lawns but NO ONE has been watering them despite no rain this summer.......they look like HAY! It's kind of sad.