Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunset in the Garden

Yesterday I got a wild hair and decided to rip out some of the tomato plants that were pretty much done anyway. I surveyed what was left on these 10 or so plants and couldn't think of any reason I should keep them around. We're out of green tomato chutney anyway! So the kids and I (ahem) pulled them out together and just set them aside. We planted some abandoned fava bean seeds which were found sprouting in an abandoned pot (the kids had been "cooking" them in mud recently). I also planted a round of Kentucky Wonder pole beans which I hope to eat a few fresh but mostly they will be for drying. We'll see how the weather holds out.

Speaking of the tomato plants, the most odd thing is happening. I'm not sure if this is typical of wilt or if I misdiagnosed the issue all along, but several of the plants have fresh, healthy growth on them. And flowers. Completely stumped. I figure I'll let some of them go just out of plain curiosity! I have buckwheat to go in as a cover before it gets too cold so we'll see how long I do let them go ---
This photo is so over exposed, however this is the youngest corn patch, or shall we call it an amaranth patch? haha. The newest sunflowers and a few young melon plants are in the foreground. Summer was so dreary and awful I figured I throw a few things in really late just to see. I had extra seeds anyway. I noticed at The Farm had a whole strip of corn that was only perhaps 5" tall the other day, I'm guessing they're banking on a warm fall as well.
Eggplants and pepper just now starting to bloom. Craziness! They have been waiting all this time.

Hens and roosters starting to roost for the night.
A very dry, September native lawn.
An egg hiding in wood shavings in the coop!
Our juvenile Pumpkin Hulsey rooster, a recalcitrant fellow who refuses to roost with the others. He always chooses this tree instead. He's making his way up to his favorite branch in this photo.

A variety of winter squash:


Good night!

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Marlyn said...

Pretty pics!

I'm struggling with what to pull, what to plant, what to wait on too - the weather is so bizarre. My pepper plants haven't even bloomed! I do have a few eggplants almost ready to be harvested.