Sunday, February 28, 2010

Treating Acute Sinusitus Naturally

As the flu takes it's leave from our home I find myself with a new, albeit related affront to human kind. The sinus infection. My right cheek bone feels bruised, my top teeth on the right side feel as if they are about to jump out and walk away on their own. I've never had a sinus infection before so I did the first natural thing to do in these modern times and I Googled it. Big mistake. Within a few minutes of reading I was being told that sinus infections can cause death. Death. DEATH. No wonder most people run, hysterically screaming, to the doctor for some sort of pill. Goodness! I on the other hand chugged a glug of pediatric decongestant (couldn't help myself), promptly closed out the search window, and consulted one of my favorite ailment books: Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child. If you have offspring or care for the offspring of others, you need this book. It has conventional, homeopathic, dietary, acupressure, nutritional supplement, herbal, and homeopathic treatment information for a huge variety of childhood (and in this case, anyhood) health issues. I really value this book.

After reading a few suggestions and realizing I had everything necessary in my pantry and garden to make up a few concoctions I went straight to work. I simmered chopped rosemary and ginger in a few cups of water to make a warm, moist compress. Very soothing indeed.
Then I made a steam with orange peel, thyme, mint, rosemary, garlic, mint geranium, and ginger. Simmered, covered, on the stove for a few minutes gets the essential oils to start releasing. Taken from the stove, set on a counter and inhaled while under the hood of a towel is magic I tell you. mmmmmmm. I put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil for round #2. Very pleasing!
Can you tell how soothing it is from here?

Did you know that a hot lemonade, made by mixing fresh juice with an equal amount of water and touch of sweetener (I used honey) helps, according to the fabulous book, to "cut mucus and improve blood flow." ?? I had no idea. It's tasty too. Add a sprinkle of cayenne and you'll really get things flowing.
Add to this some good saline flushes and we're talking serious recovery.

Don't forget therapy for the rest of you! For me, staging, photographing for, and writing a blog post is therapy for my creative brain. Fresh flowers from the garden on my kitchen windowsill are therapy for my spirit, even more so because I can see a beautifully blooming apricot in the background.
Looking up through this tree to a blue sky is pure therapy for every part of me.
Wishing everyone good health!


Mr. H. said...

That is pretty good, medicine strait out of the cupboard and garden. I took a few notes and will remember this. It is certainly better for you than all of those over-the-counter medications that are full of who knows what. Great post

Erin said...

Thanks Mr. H! I'm proud to report I woke up with clear sinuses this morning. I'm only left with a brand new raging ear infection. Oh the flu ;)

Lindsay said...

Oh my Erin, you guys have had it rough!

A few weeks ago I had a horrible sinus infection that lasted forever. After 12 days of it I just could not take it anymore and got some antibiotics. I tried a bunch of compresses first, but next time I'll just have you send me some of your crazy concoctions! ;)

Serena said...

Thanks for the suggestions. My mom battles chronic sinus infections, but she may be able to get some relief from this concoction.