Saturday, February 20, 2010

A February Morning

I have two sick children. So time is short. This morning I had the luxury of my husband home manning the elder child while I took the younger on a stroll through the garden. Looking back at the photos I took I see I was generally looking very close, as I tend to do. I find I'm always enjoying little pieces here and there and I've realized that it's part of my journey as a mother. Little pieces adding up to a whole. So I find pretty things.
And wonder who is nibbling my asparagus
And chuckle at a bee who stayed out too late last night and had to camp on a daffodil
and marvel at the wonder of growth and new life, inside and out

then back to wondering who is nibbling my apricot blooms!

AND admiring my covered cover crop. It is beautiful!


Sherri said...

Excited to see your apricot blooms! Are the two Shar..... (ha) blooming?

Mr. H. said...

Lovely pictures, your cover crop is certainly growing fast. I hope your children get well very soon.

Erin said...

Thank you Mr. H I'm hoping tomorrow brings a whole new day. Oh boy am I! haha

Sherri I took some photos today for you, I'll have to do an entire post of my excitement for you :)