Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SpringSprangSprung, I wish! In the garden today.

Today sure feels like spring. I have to remind myself the rain JUST stopped yesterday and there is more to come and it isn't time for true spring yet. The first bulb is blooming though which adds to the garden trickery of my soul.
And the first asparagus shoots are up! They are huge! I planted purple asparagus last spring and I'm finding it difficult to come up with the words to describe how exuberant I feel with the prospect of eating my FAVORITE vegetable fresh from my own garden in my near future. I planted it in a re purposed wood water tank to provide good drainage and protection from gophers as there is aviary wire beneath the tank. I had to run in and grab an appropriate prop to demonstrate the great girth of this beautiful asparagus specimen.... oh my.
The cover crop bird protection.
And finally, I thought it would only be fitting to offer a picture of the rooster who got away on culling day who I have now named Fancy Feet. Now that he is out of a pack of teens perhaps he'll behave. If he does I'll keep him around as I'm kinda fond of well behaved roosters!


Shauna said...

{{nom nom nom}} That's me eating your yummy asparagus!!! I *almost* got some for planting this year but since my entire garden is so brand new I figured I'll give myself a season before I start doing EVERYTHING new..

Oh Mr. Rooster-- you lucky little devil you!!

Julia said...

Love the fork hugging the asparagus. It's nice to see for us still under a blanket of snow!

Mr. H. said...

Purple asparagus, how neat. I can't believe how fat it is. We also planted some the year before last and although it did not do too good this past summer we have high hopes that it will do better this spring.

What type of cover crop did you plant?

Erin said...

I love the idea of the fork hugging the asparagus Julia!

Mr. H that cover crop is from Peaceful Valley. Here is a link for it: