Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another ripe type!

I'm so happy to report that my tomatoes are finally starting to ripen! Yipee! The larger types still have a ways to go, but the smaller tomatoes are starting. I did an accidental experiment with my Black Krim tomato and ended up completely dry farming it because the chickens had scratched the drip spout away from the plant and I only just noticed. Dang. I don't think it will recover.
Green Zebra tomato


Sherri said...

You should see the heirlooms we got from our CSA today. INSANE!!!!

Marlyn said...

Sherri, you should see the insane heirlooms in my kitchen! I figure we'll harvest at least $3,000 worth of tomatoes this summer! LOL

Erin, love love love your green zebra! Funny that it's one of your first to ripen. I just got my first ripe ones a couple days ago. Maybe it's not because of variety but rather I started those late or something (don't think so though).