Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reprieve from the heat wave!

The past few days have been absolutely and mercilessly sweltering here. My broccoli has bolted, the lawn started to turn brown, the chickens were going through water as if their lives depended on it (they did!). Today the fog rolled in and cooled things down so Colven and I got back out and replanted corn that the birds very ungraciously devoured. Interesting to note that the only corn they went after of the three types we had planted so far is called Luscious. Mmmm hmmm, apparently! Colven took this photo today and there is something about it I'm really proud of, is it the positioning of the subject, my big round belly next to a shovel, or just that satisfying feeling of getting seeds in the ground? I do not know, but I look at this photo and want to kiss Colven all over his face!


JJElias said...

Such a wonderful picture and I love it too. Your belly, the angle of the camera, the shovel and the fact that Colven took it?? Certainly all these things make it a definite keeper!

Tamra said...

What a wonderful shot. Just to think that this is his view of you- through his eye....and how beautiful you are.

L and J said...

Beautiful! Your lil man never ceases to amaze me.

Marlyn said...

It's absolutely amazingly great photo!

Our broccoli didn't bolt, even with our 100's! Sorry about yours.

I think Luscious may be the corn I bought -- I haven't planted it yet.