Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Belated birthday cupcakes for daddy

Cyrus' birthday came and went and I was too overtaken by a cold to make him a birthday cake, which hasn't happened in years. This year he had requested a light and silky lemon cake instead of the usual carrot cake recipe that had become tradition. Over the weekend he and Colven visited with Pops and Taia (aka Colven's grandparents, aka "the outlaws") while I worked in the office and was given this book as a birthday present. Being fans of the Earthbound Farms Kitchen, I was pretty excited to delve into the book and Cyrus kindly pointed out a recipe for lemon cupcakes which happen to call for whipped egg whites so I knew the recipe would fit the bill! Since it is cold and rainy (thank goodness! We NEED rain!) today I asked Colven if he would like to surpise daddy with cupcakes for his birthday. His answer was to run to get his apron and exclaim "YAY! CUPCAKES! WOOHOO!" Damn I love that kid.
I forget how much fun we have baking together. Colven is actually quite good with a wisk and can use the electric mixer essentially by himself. He knows what all the buttons do. So we had an afternoon of sugar and mess and tasting raw eggs in various forms mixed with various ingredients (as a sidenote I have to say that there is something so... right about baking with our own eggs!) and while the cupcakes didn't come out perfectly, they were an awful lot of fun to make. And that's the most important part after all, isn't it?

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Shauna said...

yum those look great! Let me know what you think of the cookbook- I love buying new cookbooks and am due for another. :-)