Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Packing up and heading out

Can it be Labor Day Weekend already??? This summer has been so.... odd. It feels as if the past few weeks were the REAL weeks of summer. I'm hoping for a nice Indian Summer to hit, and what good timing that would be for us! Having our second child at the end of May threw our garden for a loop. Literally. Planting and maintaing a garden was harder than I expected it to be with a newborn and a 3 year old to tend to. When our first son was born it was a mere hiccup in the garden. So, lesson here is babies aren't that hard (I know I know, some of them really are!) but the 3 year olds ARE! (I know, I know, some of them aren't).

We've had so many moments of beauty mixed in with the so many moments of helllllllllll.

Which brings me to this: Our first camping trip away as a family! OH I am thrilled! Nearly an entire week all together. We will have a hammock. It will be glorious.

Packing sucks. And makes me realize I will miss my garden so much. It just kicked in it seems. The tomatoes, the love, the basil, the... the.. the.. all of it. A WEEK? Seems so long. But I'll be with my human family so the garden family must wait. Also makes me realize what a value I put on breakfast! Pancake mix, creamy wheat, oatmeal, dozens of eggs, honey, vanilla, cream, sauteed leeks and sausage. I'm packing for breakfast! We're eating the rest of the meals at our venue: Strawberry Music Festival!

Happy end of summer to everyone and may months of incredible Indian Summer be in your future. For those of you ready for fall: Kiss my grits! Oh wait, the birds ate all our corn this year!



kendra said...

Ack! The Strawberry Music Festival! I'm so jealous! Have lots of fun!

Shauna said...

You need to tell me how you serve your creamy wheat.....

Love said...

Hi, I've visited and enjoyed your blog. Success for you.