Friday, September 11, 2009

Harvestus Interuptus

Ah children. Sweet, sweet children. I love my children I love my children I love my children snap! Oh hi. Oops got lost in my latest mantra to remind myself of things important to me.

This little nearly 4 month old is the easy charmer. I just can't bend over great because he's not a fan of it but really, I can get around that no problem and my butt thanks me for it. The 3 year old? Oh the 3 year old.... love him love him love him love him love him love him snap! Whoops, sorry about that. I'm so easily distracted these days! Just thought I'd post this for any other gardening mamas out there who don't find every day to be a bounty of gardening bliss with their brood. It's a challenge sometimes, ya know? One I obviously don't shrink away from. I'll take this life. I'll take it and I'll have a damn good time with it! Except for some days.... and on those days harvests and everything else will just have to be left undone.


Sherri said...

Love this post!

Love YOU!!! XO

Was going to go raspberry picking with Noah and Lilah and haven't yet convinced myself it's a good idea (3 yo and bending over!)

Marlyn said...