Friday, May 8, 2009

Production levels in our garden are low at the moment. I'm at the speed right now where sitting in a chair on the lawn with my belly out and feet up while drinking fresh coconut water is as about as much as I can handle. Seeds be damned. What difference will a few weeks make? I've already been humbled by the lack of corn germination and decided that I'll have to buy tomato and pepper starts instead of planting the seeds I purchased. Until I can bend over properly again, not much is on the planting agenda. At least my Crocs still look properly gardenfied.

Colven, however, is busy at work. Except for the cold he aquired today which slowed him down to just one mud pie for mama "cuz it looks like chocolate and you like chocolate!" Yes, my rad boy, when mama is very pregnant I do very much love chocolate! haha!
Had to share a pic of this little egg I found in one of the nesting boxes a few days ago! It is so tiny!

Be well!

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