Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I was slowly watching my garden floor being taken over by weeds as all the mulch thinned. In a pregnant state I thoroughly freaked out about it and my dear husband came swooping in with a load of gorilla hair and a friend to place all of it. True romance in my book!

As if that weren't enough, he also spent a good chunk of his weekend dressing up our outdoor family tub so it would be a clean, tranquil place for the upcoming labor of our second son.

Colven, being his adorable creative self
As for goings on in the garden, I am sad to report the second batch of Luscious corn did not come up. That is two long sessions of bending over my huge belly to get corn in and have it not come up. The other types came up decently, I now have to decide what other type to plant. Any suggestions? I'd like something tall and... luscious LOL! Tomatillos are popping up everywhere, as are volunteer sunflowers which is ironic because all the sunflower seeds I planted were ravaged by birds. The season is off to a slow start for me so far, I'm thinking once this baby is on the outside I'll be more mobile! I was last time!

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