Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hello, Beautiful!

Our yard is buzzing with glorious bees right now. Colven and I were watching them pollinate this Australian Melaluca tree today and I counted 5 different types. 2 I know to be natives! This one is not, but it was the easiest to photograph since it was kind of pokey :) I love too see this tree in bloom, the flowers are just so unusual and pretty
When Colven sneaks off, the garden is the first place I look for him. I brought the camera with me today to capture what he might be doing.
I found him watering the pepper seedlings. Funny kid!

Here is an updated pic of the children's garden.
The giant sunflowers lining this path are growing inches per day.
They are amazing to watch.
Cyrus said that he saw a ground squirrel today :( We haven't had them yet and I dread dealing with yet another marauder! Between the gophers, the birds, the dogs, and a toddler, it's amazing there is single seedling growing in our garden!

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Molly said...

The garden looks fab!
You must show me the tree the next time we are there - I've never seen one before.