Monday, June 30, 2008

Canning success!

My first canning attempt in several years went perfectly!
I was brave and used a pectin that I wasn't familiar with. Pomona's Pectin allows for low and no sugar canning, as well as offering options for alternative sweeteners to sugar such as honey and stevia. It is made from citrus peels.
I am thrilled with the results:
Bright, perfectly gelled boysenberries.
I also made some rhubarb orange preserves. Colven has a new addiction :)


Marlyn said...

They are so beautiful Erin! I'd love a jar if you've got extra.... hahahaha

Molly said...

Um, yum! Those look amazing!

Shauna said...

Rhubarb orange sounds DELICIOUS....mmm

Nice job!!

Erin said...

THank you! I am thrilled :)

Shauna I'll try and pack some of the rhubarb for you! :)