Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh it has been busy around here! I'm about to do an update of our animals and garden but first I had to share some very beautiful things I had the fortune to enjoy over the weekend. I travelled back to Maine to attend my 20th high school reunion (!) and while there took time to visit with some family and old friends and was lucky enough to visit an amazing. garden store and a fabulous garden I look forward to seeing every time I visit.

First up is Snug Harbor Farm in Kennebunk, Maine. My cousin has worked here for years and has told me so many incredible things about it but I never was able to visit until this past Saturday morning. It is incredible. Incredible.

These green houses are HEATED in the winter -- can you imagine?

The following day I went to a lovely garden in Gorham, Maine. Maine blows my socks off really. It is so lush and the lilacs! Oh the lilacs! This is Friend's Corner and it is sprawling and perfect. Truly amazes me the amount of work that goes into this.

The hostas and bleeding hearts grow so easily here. Stunning.


Marlyn said...

Totally gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

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