Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October in The Garden

A daily fig!
Rosa Bianca eggplants still filling out:

The annual garden burn pile. Oh how I love a burn pile! It amazes me how quickly large, uncompostable debris clean up with a good burn. I'd really love to have a chipper to make better use of the corn and sunflower stalks. We had such a funky summer with random bacterial and viral issues I decided to burn instead of saving them to use as light fencing or trellising.
I also went ahead and burned the tomato cages to burn up the old plants and sterilize the cages themselves.
Clean! (awesome!)

According to my 4 year old, burn days rock because he gets to roast marshmallows in the coals. We also lounged in the grass and watched the sky and thought about life.
This beauty turned into dinner for several nights.

I loosely followed this recipe for Squash soup with curried condiments on a recommendation from a friend and it was very delicious. I topped mine with home-cultured yogurt and spiced pumpkin seeds. This portion was for my 1 year old and he ... well... made a mess of it. :)


Marlyn said...

Pretty pics, as usual! Love the corn!

That's a whole lotta tomatoes!

I loosely followed that recipe and make pumpkin soup too! And served it with yogurt too! Did you roast the onions? I caramelized them in coco oil and deglazed the pan with madeira wine.

Ruralrose said...

Awesome pictures, a harvest of perfection. Peace

My Ugly Garden said...

What amazingly colored corn. Your whole harvest looks delicious.

Elizabeth said...

Truly amazing colors ! What fun!
Love your blog :)