Monday, March 1, 2010

Fancy Feet & Dumpling Soup

As my rooster stock was finishing up I got a hankering for a good spicy soup. In the quiet that is my older boy with his dad and my younger boy asleep, I started poking around for some inspiration. One of the blogs I have listed on the side bar there is What Julia Ate and she has some truly inspired and creative canning ideas on there which is how I found the blog to begin with. As I looked through all the things she has listed on her side bar I saw it: Chicken and Dumplings. Oh ya baby!

I made a few changes, as I always must do. My collected garden greens: parsley, thyme, spinach, radish greens, French sorrel, celery.
Fresh cooked rooster. I'm including a photo of it to show what beautiful meat it is. The dark meat is DARK. The fat is yellow and thick. The muscle is strong. Real meat from real moving birds.

I chopped up my greens and put them in the bowl with a sprinkle of hot chili flakes for good measure and to help wipe out this infection. I like to put the greens in the bowls instead of the pot so if there are leftovers the greens don't end up mushy yuck, and I know each bowl got a decent bit of greens which look pretty while you eat them. They don't really need to cook, a few ladles of the hot liquid wilts them perfectly while the soup cools enough to enjoy.

Delicious! My mom used to always make chicken and dumplings. It has been forever since I had it. I won't wait so long again. Such good, healthy comfort food for a tired and sick mama.
Next bowl I make will have much more French sorrel in it, I find that even through this stuffy head of zero smell or taste I can still get the tang of the sorrel which is very very nice. I need to get more of it in the ground, I'm always stripping the one little plant I have!

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Julia said...

Gorgeous! I love sorrel. And you are right, that meat is superb!