Sunday, October 11, 2009

Autumn in and around the garden

Autumn is upon us isn't it! The amaranth and sunflowers have gone to seed (oops), the popcorn is dried on the stalk and ready for harvest. We're in the garden with scarves and sweaters. This scarf was made by a friend for my birthday a few years ago and my grandmother made that hooded baby sweater for my first boy so it's extra special for my second to be wearing it. Despite what I said just a few short weeks ago, I'm ready for winter to slowly creep in. I've been busy spiffing up our house and getting it ready for the {hopeful} rainy days ahead.
Freshly harvested strawberry popcorn


Lemon verbena flowers



Yee gads! This humidity is killing me.

Shauna said...

LOVE the wood cutting picture. LOVE IT.

Ruralrose said...

The strawberry popcorn picture should be submitted for payment to the seed company you bought it from. Someone I know just got $150 for an onion picture. Chicks at that particular age are way more fun than the cute puff balls, too bad it doesn't last long. Peace