Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A rainy half day in the life of this California kid


Shauna said...

That mud face rocks--- and your boots?? Cute! Are they actually rain boots or what? And I really like the art you have above your bed- what is it

Marlyn said...

I was checking out that art too!

Love the pics-- happy day, simple fun!

I love the perspective of the boot picture!

Molly said...

I can't wait to romp aroud with you guys in a few weeks!

Erin said...

Shauna those are rain boots! My mil had been given them years ago and they just sat in her closet so she passed them on to me this winter and I LOVE them.

We bought that piece of art a few years ago at the Big Sur Jade Festival. I'm ashamed to say at the moment I can not remember what country it is from! ACK! I believe it is from somewhere in central America... anyway it is made by pounding tree bark with stones and then cutting designs out. Very intricate stuff. It's really very beautfiful and impressive close up! I splurged and bought a VERY EXPENSIVE frame job for it.

Shauna said...

When you have really nice pieces of art they should always be shown off in really nice frames, IMO!!

We bought thie awesome photograph from an Asian man at an art festival a couple years ago. He had it in a cheap frame- he gave us like 50 bucks off the price of the photo (which was over 200 without the frame) and then we spent $300 on getting it professionally framed.. YIKES!!! But it is beautiful--- I get compliments on it all the time.