Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Carrots as entertainment and other toddler images.

Colven and I were in the garden today pulling weeds and checking on some of our baby seedlings. While I was busy doing something else I hear this big "WOW MOM! OH WOW! LOOK! IT'S HUGE!" I turn around and see he has pulled out the biggest carrot I have ever seen come out of our garden haha! I was glad I had the camera in my pocket because he made some creative use of it before we ate it --

Carrot as a pointing stick (pointing at the moon):

Taking the carrot for a ride:
"Scaring" the carrot (pretending to eat it):
This is from this morning. Colven loved this orange so much he asked me to photograph it in his hands LOL
These last two are photos which Colven captured himself. He was very proud of this one. I asked him if he wanted to title it and he said yes:
Horse Poop

He's quite the gifted self portrait artist already, isn't he!


L and J said...

Super cute!!

Shauna said...

lmao--horse poop...

and scaring the carrot!!

okay I'm nearly convinced we should get a digi for Grace and make a point of SHOWING her how to take pics.

Sherri said...

That is awesome!! (the pic and the name!!) Too funny - I actually remember all the horse poop on that side of the pasture! haha!

I'm w/ Shauna - it will be interesting to see what Noah can come up with!

Angie said...

Too cute! Grace names everything "poo poo" right now.

Serena said...

Cute pics. Shauna, definitely get Grace a camera! We've let Kwabena has "free range" of ours, and he loves to walk around the house taking pics of things. I'm getting him one of his own. Hoping to spark some natural talents. :)